Feature Suggestions

Add Public parameters for Minigames

Exactly like you can access specific datas about each users with $parameters, it would be so nice to have access to specific parameters about minigames.. such as


$bossattack(name) # Which would tell the amount of attack a user has in heist
$bossattackadd(name,amount) # Which would add attack points to the user on top of the base amount.


Etc etc. for bosses, for Heists, for everything, these datas could be super useful to create some sort of progression and make a shop of items with commands such as !buy armor which would give +10 armor to the user for 1000 currency points.


this is similar to my previous suggestion about adding an item menu, but this time it's even simpler, just give us access to the data and we'll mess around ourselves :p

  • LeCanadienAlexo
  • Feb 14 2018