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Network Feature (Binding IP)

Heyy there,

I miss very one important feature of OBS Studio here in Streamlabs OBS.

Namely the ability to Bind the IP of OBS to another Network. (Settings -> Advanced -> Network)

Because I use two networks at the same time. One crappy DSL connection with Bambusinternetspeed for Gaming and one unlimited LTE Network for Streaming/Uploading things.

The DSL connection offers me a low latency while the LTE connection gives me the bandwidth which allows me to stream.

Could you please add this feature into Streamlabs OBS.

Please please please :3 >^-^<



  • Rengaruu
  • Feb 15 2018
  • iSarge4 commented
    November 14, 2018 21:20

    This explains why I wasn't able to assign streaming throughput to a specific NIC.  I want the ability to specifiy a NIC for Streaming throughput.  Seems simple enough to add from OBS.

  • VitagaX commented
    November 11, 2018 19:34

    You can just disable your default Ethernet-Connection in Windows, Go Live and enable it again after about 20 Seconds. Works for me.

  • raae_ commented
    November 09, 2018 00:51

    I miss this feature too! I hope it gets added :) (please)

  • bamzzzzi commented
    September 30, 2018 05:25

    please add this feature

  • johhnydoe commented
    September 20, 2018 11:27

    me too. cmon, give us this feature...

  • DarwinLegend commented
    September 19, 2018 22:11

    I really need this feature.

  • dcthemvp commented
    September 09, 2018 18:13

    Please add this feature already. As of now I have to use OBS studio until this is implanted into streamlabs.

  • xusercode commented
    August 31, 2018 09:21

    im still waiting too :/

  • john_the_rapper commented
    August 12, 2018 18:45

    I've spent hours trying to get ForceBindIP to work with steamlabs. I believe it was broken in May based on Digitcals comment?


    Just found out OBS has bind to ip, would be nice if steamlabs had it, but I believe I found my solution, forcebindip just doesnt work with steamlabs.

  • Digital_Nerve commented
    July 19, 2018 19:21

    Clearly nobody cares about this, moving away from SLOBS and streamlabs as a whole. They just slapped it in the planned section. They grabbed so much out of OBS, you'd think leaving this option on would be easy. In late May, they even broke https://r1ch.net/projects/forcebindip that used to work like a charm. RIP SLOBS, you seemed good but simply not good enough until this key to me feature is implemented and by the looks of it, it's gonna be a while if ever.


    Back to OBS, perhaps less feature packed since not all in one but at least it's stable, consistent and regularly updated over other stuff than what brings streamlabs revenue.

  • Arm0r3d_1 commented
    July 03, 2018 17:28

    Agree, I would think that this should be a feature in SLOBS.  I myself use Dual NIC's and have them dedicated for different things.  However SLOBS does not have the option for me to select which NIC I want to stream to so there is major traffic on one connection.  There is a noticeable difference playing an online game and playing the same game while streaming.  This was never a problem with OBS Studio since I could dedicate OBS to the secondary NIC.  Streamlabs, if you are out there and listening..... please add this feature.  This is something that all content creators could make use of!  You state that you are here for the content creator and to make things as easy as possible... well add this small feature and really help us out.  Thank you for your time.


    Arm0r3d Gaming

  • Nano Venom Live commented
    May 18, 2018 11:00

    I Agree! I cant use streamlabs obs because of this because with my faster internet some game ports are blocked so I cant set that network default just so I can stream because then I cant play. I 100% would use streamlabs obs if I could do this!!!

  • Digital_Nerve commented
    May 01, 2018 23:23

    I find it pretty insane that the dev team doesn't care about this simple feature that shouldn't be too hard to implement. Besides the lack of follow-up on submitted bugs, while I understand they focus on blockers and popular feature requests, since most of the layout is taken from OBS. I gave up on SLOBS for that and the rest, good luck to all! The main focus of SLOBS is to push for and funnel us into streamlabs and that's what they are working on, let's not be mistaken.