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Cryptocurrency donations with 1upCoin

None of the existing donation solutions accept crypto today. So Jaku at 1upCoin decided to make it possible. If Streamlab could talk to him about some sort of co-op, all of StreamLabs streamers would be able to accept BitCoin, BitCash, Ethereum and LiteCoin. I am a Blockchain guy myself, so I would highly appreciate a co-op betweem Streamlabs and 1upCoin myself. 
Feel free to check out https://1upcoin.com/ 

Technichally speaking, a donation to a crypto wallet is not hard to track, the problem lies in tracking the identity of the donator. In theory one could be logged into Twitch and donate through a StreamLab page to the streamer, thus triggering alerts for crypto.

  • ChristerJohansson
  • Feb 18 2018