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Change Alert Box to different Alert Profile dynamically using query string

When using OBS, streamers use various scenes depending on certain situations. I may need an alert to look a certain way during gameplay but when I go full screen webcam to do some chat-interaction I may want my alerts to look a different way.


Alert profiles accomplishes this goal, but it doesnt feel very efficient. I can change my OBS scene view and then manually click a few buttons in the StreamLabs app to change my profile, but thats a very manual process and requires the streamer to be alert and know which profiles each scene requires.


What if we could dynamically select an Alert Profile using the Alert Box query string?


it feels like we get some query string options already when using an Alert Box, for example:



It would be very nice if I could add an additional parameter to the query-string to use a different alert profile (other than the one that is currently active), for example:



Having the Alert Profile dynamically loaded based on query-string (defaulting to the selected profile if none is specified via query-string) would allow streamers to setup their OBS scenes with dynamic alerts that fit the scene while simultaneously removing the need for manual interaction on the streamers end.

  • booya1235
  • Feb 18 2018