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Combine Twitch Extension with Streamlabs Chatbot

Combine Streamlabs Loyal, Music, Polls & Games with Streamlabs Chatbot, the song request in chat doesn't link up with the song request in the extension. So currently the song request on the extension is almost useless when people are using Chatbot to listen to their playlists. Also the fact that the extension uses Soundcloud is great, especially since Chatbot only allows Youtube and Spotify. If there was a way to link the two together I think it would make it easier for viewers to check out what song is currently playing on Chatbot.

  • ahhleeuhh
  • Feb 24 2018
  • xX_RockCrawl3r_Xx commented
    7 Mar, 2018 06:33pm

    To combine the Chatbot with the streamlabs would be awesome, I would like to use the streamlabs Leaderboard extension with my chatbot.

    I set everything up in the Chatbot, currency, ranks, minigames, songrequests, commands, etc. but it doesn't work with the Leaderboard.