Feature Suggestions

Use default alert as template for new alert variations


I'm currently adding 30+ variations on subscriptions to have a unique experience for each month subscribed.  Every time I make a variation, I have to reset every single setting from default to my brand. I did a simple test out of frustration and found that this task could be about 7 minutes instead of the hour it's going to take me. (estimated)  

By the end of this simple project, I'll touch 510 (17 per) individual properties instead of 90 (3 per) and that doesn't include the other alerts.  Let's not get into testing and finding the increased rate of error because of this.  :)


Often the default alert has almost all of the settings you'd like by default.  When you click "Add Variation", it would pull defaults properties in the variation from the default alert above, not your preset hard default.  This would allow for a much better experience, less time invested, less "live issues" and avoid people like me coming here to write a message out of frustration. 

  • Jacklifear
  • Mar 11 2017