Feature Suggestions

Bring back studio mode for streamlabs obs

Please bring back studio mode. It is a really useful feature. So you can preview a scene a d get it ready to transition.

  • JamBGaming
  • Feb 24 2018
  • TheGazbeard commented
    6 Aug, 2018 01:25pm

    The lack of studio mode is the primary reason I've stayed with OBS Studio - I'm not in the slightest interested in SLOBS without this mode.

  • Boss Gaming YT commented
    6 Jul, 2018 01:47am

    Please Bring It Back Its very Useful and Its Easyer Pls :(

  • K4es3kuch3n commented
    16 May, 2018 05:05pm

    Would love to use Streamlabs OBS, but I'm missing Studio Mode

  • 36024x7 commented
    6 May, 2018 05:50am

    We need this feature. It's needed!

  • JariiTV commented
    27 Apr, 2018 02:09pm

    Very yes.

  • Shred_TV commented
    25 Apr, 2018 06:44am

    Please add this. I am missing this feature so much...

  • RaceRoomers Portugal commented
    23 Apr, 2018 12:44pm

    Well... I still use OBS Studio because of this feature. Are you planning to update Streamlabs OBS with Studio Mode? Thanks

  • Tremendm_Labs commented
    12 Apr, 2018 08:38pm

    Yes please please bring studio mode into Steeamlabs OBS

  • EvilChuzo commented
    12 Apr, 2018 02:30pm

    Yes, i need this mode! :/

  • TheClassifiedRebel commented
    4 Apr, 2018 01:45pm

    Very much needed.

  • Frensiow commented
    20 Mar, 2018 09:29pm

    yes! thats literally the only thing that's missing!

  • CoopWiiU commented
    7 Mar, 2018 09:00pm

    Yes. I would love this. Making real time edits was my favorite things for OBS. I'm going back to OBS if it doesn't come soon!