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Stream labs mobile app - internal device audio

Some of us enjoy streaming a lot and as a user of Stream labs I also use your mobile application to Stream games from my phone. The problem is that the only audio recording options are your microphone. The application is unable to record internal device audio such as games for example. 


Having the ability to record the internal device audio as one of the audio outputs maybe along with additional microphone compatibility, will help you push your app closer to those who stream mobile games like myself. 

  • FunkyCrunchyy
  • Feb 26 2018
  • MvPGEO commented
    March 15, 2018 16:05

    Pretty good ideea, so that the game audio would be separated from your mic/voice audio. It is not so smooth to hear game audio, especialy for shooting games like  PUBGM and MMORPG like Black Desert Mobile, game audio on stream is a bit fuzzy and not so high clarity likr the actual game sounds.

  • Nevaan23 commented
    April 19, 2018 11:54

    That's what we need. 

  • DarisonStrange commented
    June 18, 2018 18:11

    Yeah, especially since I play/stream with headphones. And only hearing my heavy breathing is extremely off putting. 

  • Carterfalls commented
    September 28, 2018 11:07

    Any news on this. I know a lot of it has to do with the native OS, samsung phones allow permissions for internal recording DU recorder can capture internal audio on samsung devices. maybe stream labs could do the same?

  • Lolodrom commented
    21 Jan 22:14

    Is there any update on this?
    I really want to use StreamlabsOBS mobile to Stream Cytus 2

  • 「GOT」 工乙工 commented
    10 Feb 03:16

    As google does not allow internal audio recording,  is it possible that the developers of streamlabs could enable an internal audio recording feature for rooted android phones.

  • x Hades Stamps commented
    15 Apr 23:15

    That is not possible on non-rooted Andy devices. Rooting your devices is risky, as it creates a lot of vulnerabilities.

  • CMLDaemonslayer commented
    17 Apr 22:01

    Would really help with games like pubgm where headphones are pretty much the norm to play, directional audio and all that... and ingame chat, ant games with ingame chat would be really helped by this

  • Not_Waduhek commented
    02 May 17:10

    Did the devs even see this post? Or do they just don't care.

  • Gabriel! Santos, Mariano. commented
    30 May 14:03


  • suisidesushi commented
    16 Jun 14:45

    google prohibited internal audio recording for security purpose. I heard that latest Samsung phone can record internal audio.

  • PhotonicKitten commented
    23 Jun 21:47

    i just wanna add here, that this is possible without rooting your device and maybe staff can look into it....i mobile stream with apower mirror and google chromecast...i just use it as a source in OBS and it includes my onboard mobile device sound :) love stream labs a bunch but this is the single reason i dont use the mobile app. everything else about it is great but this maks it game breaking for me :( *cry*

  • SketalDaz commented
    07 Aug 21:35

    I recently gave it a shot and I was also disappointed to realize that the app doesn't broadcast internal audio. Overall, though, it is a very good compact-portable streaming app.