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Giveaway Notification Timer & Sub Icons On Giveaway Screen

I'd love the ability to have an automatically posted message during a timed giveaway every [x] minutes, where x would be either a pre-determined amount of time in seconds or chat messages from non-bot users. An added bonus would be the ability to type !raffle help , !giveaway help or something similar that would allow people to recall the current prize in the giveaway.

Having the ability for new visitors to see the current giveaway naturally via time or by calling the giveaway command would cut down in users asking about the giveaway as well as moderators / streamers having to copy/paste the current giveaway for users to

To coincide with this, it would be amazing to have a Subscriber icon on the giveaway screen for those of us that have subscriber "auto-claim" in our giveaways. For myself, subscribers don't have to say anything in chat to get a prize, they just get a message with their winnings.

These two things combined would make things much simpler for I'm sure not only myself, but also other broadcasters using this amazing chatbot tool that provide giveaways.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'd want to see this supported as well!

  • DeejayKnight
  • Feb 27 2018
  • Wickerrman commented
    October 23, 2019 18:41

    Yes please!

  • CanOfCraig commented
    March 03, 2019 20:31

    This is the only thing I can think of thats missing from the giveaway system! it's been bothering me that StreamlabsOBS has it, but the streamlabs chatbot doesn't Yet Streamlabs OBS won't let you do any real tweaking like raffle ticket cost.

  • Snark3d commented
    January 29, 2019 00:08

    yes as a twitch viewer of many streams it would take a lot of work off the streamer having to direct people to the giveaways when they are on focus of an intense game or breaking the immersion of an RPG stream.

  • pipkinobi commented
    January 15, 2019 21:22


  • tranquil_dragon commented
    November 19, 2018 21:27

    The Dragon Supports this Idea!.

  • jukesasaurusrex commented
    November 17, 2018 02:48

    and thats why you rock

  • MultiVersed commented
    October 31, 2018 22:28

    How is this not already a thing?

  • SpartanHutch commented
    October 03, 2018 18:59

    heck yes, great idea, got my vote

  • Talmadge commented
    September 19, 2018 23:48

    Great Idea!

  • CaptainRichard commented
    September 13, 2018 23:40


  • GargantuanGame commented
    July 10, 2018 19:20

    Great idea @deejayknight 

  • Ronan01 commented
    July 08, 2018 21:02

    Good idea!

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