Feature Suggestions

Credits with all Followers/Subscribers

Add the option, to show not just the follows and subs from the current stream, but all follows and subs from the channel.

So you can choose, if you want to show just the new follows and subs or all follows and subs that are currently active for this channel. I don't mean all time follows and subs. I mean all active follows and subs for the channel.

  • DodasWelt
  • Mar 9 2018
  • laaglander commented
    26 May, 2020 06:05pm

    yes you have my vote

  • KatsPurr commented
    29 Apr, 2020 02:05pm


  • EvilGeniusTitus commented
    25 Nov, 2019 12:33am

    This should be the default for credits instead of just that stream.

  • NWKoopa commented
    1 Oct, 2018 11:10am


  • PoolSharkFOG commented
    2 Sep, 2018 07:22pm

    I totally agree with this idea. Keep the current settings and simply add some options for ALL active followers and subscribers. At the end of my stream, I'd like to display all new activity for that stream (like credits currently shows) plus recognize all my current subs. Maybe even checkboxes to optionally show sub length, followage, lifetime cheers/donations amounts, etc. Again, it's currently great, but these additions could make it better.

  • NurfdGaming commented
    28 Jun, 2018 02:38am

    Logged in just to +1 this. For smaller streams it would be nice to include everyone who's supported the stream!

  • Dajmin commented
    7 Apr, 2018 10:09pm

    +1 for this from me (with an addition).

    I'd like to have the ability to add a list for Patreon supporters. Either as a manual list you update yourself, or tied to Patreon integration.