Feature Suggestions

Automatic Credits Roll

I love the new credits widget but it's a little awkward to use. I feel rather silly when I roll the credits and it turns out nobody followed during the stream. Also, it requires you to stick around until the end before turning your stream off, which I imagine could take a long time if you're a big name streamer capable of pulling a few hundred follows a day.

It would be great if, say, once I was done streaming I could press a button and the credits (if there were any) would roll, after which OBS would terminate the stream automatically. This would obviously require the use of an OBS plugin.

One of the reasons I like the credits roll so much is that it gives me a way to credit the people who support the stream without having to resort to distracting donation/follow alerts or other audiovisual clutter — screen real estate is valuable after all! This feature would make my life easier and I'm willing to bet a bunch of other people would appreciate it as well.


Thanks for reading,


  • lakitu64
  • Mar 11 2018
  • TibiaBR commented
    8 Mar, 2019 03:25am

    I just wanna a button on live view to roll the credits. That's it.