Feature Suggestions

Expansion to the End Credits Feature!

Add Raids, Hosts, Sub Gifting, Countdown to Next Stream,  to the Credits Widget, 


People that raid, host, and gift subs, are the heroes of twitch, they're the ones that help drive growth, and networking, it would be great to recognize them!


Would be nice to see an integration with End Credits, and the Streamlabs Countdown feature, something that showed the time until your next stream 

ex.  See you again in 31H:42M:12S ! etc.  



A way to have credits go live on swapping scenes, or a button within stream labels to launch them!  


  • FallenSunGaming
  • Mar 23 2018
  • ElySweetAngel commented
    August 27, 2018 18:37

    Totally agree, Raids and host... Sub gifting is so important … maybe also a way to recognize both the sub and gifte at the same time? great suggestion!