Feature Suggestions

Autofill "@Username" - Optional Font Size Changes - Chatbot chat mirrors SLOBS chat format/func/style

Used Chatbot for the first time last night now that it supports Mixer. The one glaring issue I had was that I had to type out the full username of someone in chat when @'ing them. This wouldn't be an issue if the person I'm attempting to @ has a simple username but that's not normally the case. You have all types of crazy usernames with all kinds of numbers, symbols, etc etc in them that make manually typing out their name a complete task while streaming. Highly suggest and request that autofill option (exactly the same thing that SLOBS chat does when you type @ and list of names appears above to select from) be implemented into Chatbot. This is for sure a quality of life thing!!!


Also, it would be super dope to essentially make the chatbot chat look/work exactly like how the SLOBS chat looks/works. In its current form, I have a hard time discerning and reading everything because its small and when the chat gets going its just hard to read through it all. Options to change the font size would be a great help for anyone that has impaired vision or that has the monitor a little further away from them so they can clearly read through chat. 

  • DJMoonDawg
  • Mar 23 2018