Feature Suggestions

Earn Loyalty points for every loot message you recieve.

So, here is how I'm doing nowadays, I use the loyalty system and ppl normally earn the loyalty points every time they follow, sub, cheer, watch me and so on.. the loyalty points are mostly used to be part of my giveaways and buy as much tickets/chances they want to be part of the giveaway. 


In order to also benefit myself from that, I have a rule that Every loot message that shows up during the stream, the person who sent the message earns X loyalty points, lets say, "Every loot message that is shown live, you will earn 500 loyalty points", That increased my loot messages in something like 500% since I started this "system". The problem is, I have to give this points after stream and takes a long time to check every person and give them the points one by one, so would be nice if we could have some kind of "automatic" way to do so. =D

  • Hitoki
  • Mar 29 2018