Feature Suggestions

More Visual Options for Donation Goals

Having the ability to choose more visual options for donation goals would add more customization and character to streams. I think it would be fun to have, say for example, a jar (aka mason tip jar) instead of a boring green bar, or a cup like a "cup fund" 

  • Guest
  • Mar 29 2017
  • BadWolfAT commented
    10 Apr, 2018 04:29am

    I already heard that it's possible to change the appearance of the goals by using css. i'm not a professional coder but i'd have no problem to get into it as far as i need to. the only thing that's preventing me from doing it is that i think there's some information missing. i guess need to know id tags that define what specific element i want to change. just tell me if i'm wrong

  • Foxxicle commented
    23 Feb, 2018 06:29pm

    You've got custom HTML, CSS and JS, son't you? Ofc not everybode can code but maybe you can find someone who can and therefore make a custom donation goal bar ^^

  • CaffeinatedTigress commented
    2 Jul, 2017 09:54am

    yes, definitely a vertical bar - but I like the dial idea too! Like an altimeter, or pressure gage! 

  • TommySunshine commented
    22 May, 2017 01:53pm

    Also make different bars maybe, like a dial indicator, vertical, like a thermometer maybe.  Love u guys!