Feature Suggestions

Include BST in daylight savings.

Any chance that you guys could account for British daylight savings on your extension and dashboard?

The extension doesn't automatically update when our daylight savings change - not sure if this is the case for all timezones or whether it's all manual? - but in addition, BST is not listed as a drop down option when setting it up. Instead, there's about six entries for GMT which include 0 and +1 multiple times. Please could you clean this up a bit? There's a lot of repeat entries or typos in there which make it quite hard to find the one you want if it's not a straightforward timezone change.

The dashboard also freaks out quite heavily in terms of misreporting information when our clocks change and it can take a while for it to work itself out. 

It's not a super urgent MUST FIX thing, but it certainly would help UK streamers wanting to change the timezone quickly and easily.

  • YogsLomadia
  • Apr 5 2018