Feature Suggestions

Better legibility.

Would be amazing if in Stream Labels, the capitalisation of Twitch usernames was preserved instead of everything being lowercase.

I'm dyslexic and having a username entirely in lowercase makes it incredibly difficult to read. For example ILikeTurtles as the twitch username comes up as iliketurtles in Stream Labels, and it loses a lot of legibility. 

It appears to be a relatively easy thing to implement, and on top of it looking cleaner, it also makes Stream Labels much more user friendly for those of us who suffer from dyslexia etc.

  • Quin69
  • Apr 8 2018
  • Malic_VR commented
    21 Apr, 2018 09:47am

    I play in VR, and use the Streamlabs bot as the program that I display in VR so i can read and talk to chat with.  With the fact that every name during alerts is all lowercase, it makes is severely complicated to be able to pronounce peoples names that would be have been easier if I had seen certain letters capitalized.

  • dnbESTgaming commented
    13 Apr, 2018 10:15am

    Hey. I had the same problem with twitch usernames being forced as lowercase. I just ended up modifying the chatbox in the dashboard.

    I enabled custom HTML/CSS and modified the code a bit. If you are interested I can share the code. But Of course it would be nice if there was an option to keep the original name, or force lower/uppercase the names.

    Anyways. I included a pic, on how it looks on my end right now.