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A little game to play against the streamer, to determine the donation amount.

My idea is a mini game to be played with the streamer do determine the donation amount or other things, but mainly just a cool way to drive up donations (and followers cause it will be hella fun) and keep them coming back for more fun. Its mainly intended for casual type game streamers, (not like in the middle of a hard core CSGO match, duh) or breaks in between those games, streamers can play a quick game of things like tic tax toe, a guessing game, etc. to get a higher donation amount! Streamers can do this to get larger, more frequent donations. It could work with larger streamers so they could have a small donation minimum, but a larger minimum to have a more interactive experience. There could also be an amount (that the donator chooses) for how much huge streamer gets if they win, and a different amount if they lose, so they would really be into the game, and not just lose on purpose or not use this feature all together. They (the streamer) could also set percentage maximums, so that way if the donator wants to play and give a large donation, thy can't just put $1 min $1000 max, but it may kindof take away from the maginitude of both amounts, so that feature should be optional. I think to avoid the need of more servers (and if you do get new ones it will cut this amount in half) the streamers mini game should be run locally of there computer (and maybe even hosted for 0 SERVERS). From there they could do the things listed above, and others to regulate the games, like for example, choose particular types of games they want to be an option to the donator. Also if you do that idea (The new downloaded program on streamers computer with multiple game options] You should add an option (probably a drop down menu like y'all usually do) to sort the games available by average time it takes to play the game among everyone, (update around every few minutes to reduce the strain on servers[gochu]) the average numbers for min donation amount and percentage difference limit, (that I told y'all about earlier) and difficulty of the game, etc. (But all those averages should be a tunable so you guys can remotely toggle them like when the game is just starting out and the averages are all screwed up). The game can also be set to request to play with someone like a mod or anyone in chat with the download. This can be toggled by the streamer and must be confirmed to be allowed buy the person themselves through the program. There could also be a chat program directly through the game, so it's even more of a direct connection between the streamer and the donator. This idea is also very versatile at some point in the future (you should statelet with games tho and add this later) you could add like a chance category (THAT IS COMPLETELY SEPRATE FROM THE GAMES AND THE STREAMERS ARE AWARE REALIZE ITS NOT JUST 50-50 DONATIONS) with games like roulette or slot machine that shows up on the stream and the streamers screen, you could also add more skill and knowledge based games like poker or trivia. (If you need some free labor(a joke this ain't illegal) of coming up with ideas for games and other stuff, feel free to shoot me an email. I'm a casual streamer myself and I know a few others that I could also get there opinions on the ideas. Another idea as an add on could be ULTRA BETS! Something for less causal streamers, playing games such as GTA or others similar,(ul see in a sec) where donators could place bets with out the streamer starting them, that would follow the same "rules" as the mini games and chance games (not the streamer betting there money(But I mean if you guy think that's a good idea u could add it)). Just don't turn it to a gambling "only" website, if you have that much faith in this idea then just make a sister company. Anyway, the super bets would be things that the donator types, and would be confirmed by the streamer or admin BEFORE it shows up on stream, AFTER it shows up on stream the the streamer, confirms weather to accept it or not. The reason for the 2 confirmation is no need for a spam/innaproprate content filter, but Ik that you gust have that system already so if u want go ahead (but again, servers). Well, when it's accepted/filtered, then it shows up on stream for a live yes or no from the streamer. Then the streamer will select on the program (maybe you should have separate programs for each, Idk I'm more of a hardware guy) wether or not he won the bet. Now there should also be an option to report the streamer for making a false bet outcome. (U guys are prolly like UGHHHH WE HAVE TO GET PEOPLE TO WATCH THESEEE MORE MONEYYY, yes I get it but hang on) then when a streamer gets a certain amount of reports, a represent from streamlabs reviews there past broadcast, and if they see that it was incorrectly given , then (here's the good part where u make money) all the profits from those "streamer honesty system games/bets" are REVOKED and paid to you guys, but people with false outcomes should be redefined there money and y'all keep the rest. The streamers should be AWARE that if they do an incorrect out come and get enough reports (also as a balancing system, it could be like reports per average view/follow number so big streamers don't need one report for an evaluation. Also, the streamers should have the option to change the out come that the chose, and that options should open as soon as they make there first choice, and close after. There should also be an onscreen indicator that they changed it. (so that way they can't pull anything funny like say they lost, and uncheck it on obs and change it (wait now that I'm thinking about it that system won't work, ill think of something else, like maybe an online record? Idk rn but I'll think of something). All these games and things are things we premium donators (OR MAYBE SUBS GET LIEK SOME GAME TOKENS EVERY MONTH OMG AWESOME IDEA) will be able to connect with the stream individually for a short period of time, instead of what tipically happens when they just read a donation text (or worse it's read to them) and jars/goals, the donators don't really feel like they did that and they won't really appreciate it if the streamer freaks out, because it was a group effort that they didn't really be a huge part of, but games, you get to INTERACT, which everyone wants to do, that's why people donate SOOOO much more to streamers with streamlabs, but they interact with them, get to show them a video or something. My idea is basically the whole idea of stream labs, but a balanced helpful way to have an increased interaction and have a good time with them. Like another idea can even be they get to video chat with them for 60 seconds with like a clock (time bomb would be awesome) showing at the top right of the screen, or one that changes per donation amount, there could be a few second delay before the stream sees it so an admin with the program (you really should have a dedicated program for these ideas(not like individual programs if u don't want, but a program)) or the streamer themselves can just cancel the call. Also (again, I think you guys know this part) but there should be limits on time duration and minimums for them. (obvi). Ok so I'm going to stop randomly spewing out ideas (that are at least related) and doing a whole lot of weird unnecessary parentheses, (HEY!) if you need more information or if you would just like to see improvements on what I said before you start making it, again I would be happy to recive an email from you guys at least acknowledging that you read it. I'm a born content creator and I'd love to help out my fans and fellow creators, heck the only reason I read the email you guys sent me was because I thought it was an email from YouTube lol (not kidding) any way thanks for reading this abnoxiously long email (if u made it here) and have a great day person who's job it is to read AWEOSME ideas. Peace ✌️ <- peace sign emoji if your on a platform that doesn't support them. (Lol) 

E-mail: (I know u see it but just putting it out there again) [email protected].com


[Side note, if you guys are hiring,  I could really use a job right now, and I have a beast of a pc and a shitty laptop so I could defiantly do things like beta test software or whatever (if u decied to create this software id obvi do it for free)]

[Also another side note, if you don't have jobs open rn(or u dont wanna hire me) then if you guys could credit my Twitch/YouTube so I could try and make a living off that, (My assumption of  your respons : yes) DUDE THANKSSS]

[Third (and final) side note, ((don't read if your super busy)and if you are then I appolize if i wasted your time)(also,  I REALLY gotta stain with these  parentheses) I'm am truly thankful that you took the time to read this and I'm am extremely looking forward to your response, thanks AGAIN,





] <ocd requires me to have this bracket, but it's at the end and towards the bottom so you won't read this, yet I'm still typing it, and you know this submission  is over but you at still reading it for some rea- WHAT AM I DOING 



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