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Cryptocurrency Donations with Verge

Verge would be a great opportunity for streamlabs to open up the gateways for cryptocurrency donations. Verge recently just partnered with Mindgeek, which will be paving the way for mass adoption. Were looking for partners all the time, including spotify. Verge has privacy as a choice, allowing for donator's to donate anonymously, and you can have the tokens in the streamers hands in minutes. This allows for a safe and low fee alternative of Paypal and credit cards, with secure and fast transactions. 

Below you will find a list of helpful resources to aid in your determination of our currency:




If you would like to contact us, here is our email.

[email protected]

  • SkullyVIP
  • Apr 26 2018
  • matticuswastaken commented
    17 Dec, 2020 01:58am

    I think this is a great idea. Bits is a step in the right direction, but is only native to twitch. An option to use world-wide crypto would be a great idea.

  • tomquic commented
    1 Dec, 2020 06:07am

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  • najwayaminah commented
    6 Oct, 2020 10:55am

    Cryptocurrency isn't good sometimes. I saw so many people who are investing in such digital currencies but getting nothing from this. Here I want to say you must invest in thesis writing services educational sectors so every student will be taking the help.

  • ludachris_1972 commented
    14 May, 2020 12:21pm

    there going to use thetha as there blockchain platform it will have everythg samsung i heard is involved, the token is natn 20 cents i bet it doubles

  • ludachris_1972 commented
    14 May, 2020 12:19pm


  • chido BALTa commented
    13 Jun, 2019 10:00pm


  • chillipster commented
    9 Jun, 2019 06:57am


  • commando sam commented
    31 May, 2019 03:49am


  • p4p4s4n commented
    10 May, 2019 09:30pm

    How much is 1,500,000 million vergecurrency worth in real money? My Papabucks is $15,000 dollars, we going viral. How can we manage users points individually? Instead of 'give all viewers points' I got here because the idea wasn't posted on the idea page. www.p4p4s4n.com

  • super cz commented
    3 Mar, 2019 01:07pm


  • eByteTimsn commented
    2 Jan, 2019 11:39pm

    Verge is a good idea, maybe an eSports focused project like eByte cryptocurrency?

  • Kevin Galaviz commented
    20 Dec, 2018 10:55pm

    5 subs

  • Skylär Astaröt commented
    23 Nov, 2018 05:55am

    Las cryptocurrency son basura, mierda contaminada para pobres pelotudos como tu que quieren hacerse ricos sin trabajar.

  • DANIEL LuL commented
    9 Jun, 2018 05:38am

    Verge would be an awesome way to donate to streamers. I would definitely use and promote this if it is added to the site.

  • Lindy Taylor commented
    20 May, 2018 05:55pm


  • Lindy Taylor commented
    20 May, 2018 05:55pm


  • Alin Munteanu commented
    9 May, 2018 08:26am

    Make it happen! 👍🏼

  • Glenn Julio Smits commented
    9 May, 2018 07:36am

    I would like to use Verge.

  • drbruschi commented
    9 May, 2018 06:40am

    Vergecurrency is fast and reliable. Please enable XVG donations.

  • Elijah Bledsoe commented
    9 May, 2018 05:41am

    XVG all the way!

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