Feature Suggestions

Customization of SLOBS remote control

Would be amazing to be able to customize the SLOBS remote control panel. 
- Move buttons around

- Hide buttons you might not want there to de-clutter the remote

- Create custom buttons 

  • SwoopDK
  • May 3 2018
  • Lusaphor commented
    18 Oct 07:28pm

    I would Love to even be able to color the buttons to keep them visually separated.

  • GameDave72 commented
    10 Oct 12:19am

    be nice if it worked

  • DJniqV commented
    13 Jun 01:02am

    At the very least, can we hide audio sources that we've hidden in SLOBS?

  • ZeZombieChicken commented
    6 May 09:00pm


  • Jamiethecomic - Review this Sh!t commented
    27 Nov, 2019 08:06pm

    +1 being able to customise the icons with images would make switching easier to do so at a quick glance. 

  • Scott Stewart commented
    17 Oct, 2019 07:45pm

    I just started using the app and wow so amazing. Now i can concentrate on the audience, however i agree that id like to e able to hide the sources of the scenes as some are extensive and just have the ability to switch scenes. That said changing the icons colors or with an image would be perfection. Thanks again. Love it...

  • Putnamville Baptist Church commented
    8 Sep, 2019 02:47pm

    Agreed!  It’s way too easy to accidentally deactivate a source or stop the live stream.  I’d love to be able to display just my scenes.

  • 4EyedWonder commented
    16 May, 2019 10:22pm

    +1! I just started using the remote this week and it was the first thing I thought of. I totally agree with all 3 points in the OP. 


    Alternatively - if you don't mind dishing out some cash, look for Elgato Stream Deck. (not affiliated, not sponsored) I happen to come across it while looking for capture cards. There's a 6 key and 15 key, and it appears to be EXTREMELY customizable. If my streaming takes off I will probably invest in one. 

  • WarpPro commented
    5 May, 2019 05:45pm

    +1 This would be awesome. 

  • clanBCB commented
    6 Feb, 2019 12:40am

    I dont need to see all my overlays on a scene, would be good to customise the remote to show only scenes or even selected scenes.
    Prob the same with overlays, just show those i select.
    Ive been using a custom setup with unified remote. Connection can be patchy though. The ability for delays in the shortcut cuts is great. that way i can show an overlay for x seconds while the animation plays then i can turn it off ready for the next time. Something like this would be good too.


  • GoatRush commented
    6 Jan, 2019 05:46pm

    pls fix it that i can move around my buttons

  • pixel_palaver commented
    4 Jan, 2019 09:31pm


  • mmhorda commented
    2 Dec, 2018 08:54pm


  • akaDADtv commented
    28 Nov, 2018 04:03pm

    Change colors of the buttons or even add an icon of our own as the button would be awesome

  • bannai_roo commented
    5 Nov, 2018 09:32am

    Yes pls.

  • Toygrubin commented
    29 Oct, 2018 08:59pm

    I agree.

  • Xironium commented
    1 Aug, 2018 04:43pm

    Yes please, i found out about remote control today, and was thinking the exact same thing, streamlabs needs to look into this.