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StreamLabs for Chrome OS or Chromebooks

Hi there, congrat firstly!

When you going to develop an extension or App for Chrome or Chrome OS? I use Chromebook and i need to stream with Chromebook because i dont use Microsoft Windown 

If you have a date to lanch it just let me know pls

Best regart
Carlos Riquelme

  • Carlos Riquelme
  • May 15 2018
  • fancykillerrr commented
    September 22, 2018 14:45

    please make this because i dont have a windows computer 

  • ThePlatPotato commented
    October 25, 2018 19:43

    I need this as well, my Chromebook is my only way of using any bots and I really want to use StreamLabs just in general. It's the best streaming software I know.

  • AidogBot commented
    October 28, 2018 17:35

    I own only a chromebook and I would like to use SLOBS as I have hit a roadblock on my streams and growth

  • eroklol commented
    November 25, 2018 17:03

    im with this ^^^

  • Faithdrawn Studios commented
    December 03, 2018 21:04

    Pretty annoyed that this doesn't run on my Pixelbook...One of the only things keeping me from using a Chromebook exclusively. Also, When I GOT it working (before it started freezing my system up...apps talk to apps...Please try to get this to talk to Chrome OS and show what I'm doing on the web and desktop, etc. Not just while I'm in apps. 

  • ttvyourmum690 commented
    05 Feb 19:44













  • braidedhornet38 commented
    10 Feb 19:04

    im with this idea as i cannot get access to a windows computer so please let SLOBS be on chromebooks. you have the technology to do it so why are you evading it??

  • Paul Roberts commented
    19 Feb 22:17
     __      __
    ( _\    /_ )
     \ _\  /_ / 
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        | === |
    me too
  • CFN-i88 commented
    05 Mar 18:14

    Ya boy bought the wrong laptop bro😂.. but imma stream anyways... MAKE THIS A THING!!!

  • snatchedcarrot9 commented
    17 Mar 08:45

    please fix it becouse i can't buy a computer so i need to use my chromebook instead

  • froStytwigs commented
    18 Mar 06:52


  • liquidfitz commented
    23 Mar 00:08

    yes pls i have a chromebook pls