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Add a cooldown option to Loyalty Rewards

Rewards are a fun way to engage with chat, especially using the Streamlabs Extension overlay. However, once a mischievous viewer finds out about it, they see that small fun rewards can be spammed if they save up their currency to redeem the same thing over and over and over... and over. It's frustrating for the streamer and other viewers, considering most rewards have on stream alerts. Imagine being spammed 1 bit over and over... it's not really a pleasant thing.


The only two ways to I've found to avoid this from happening are:

  • Slowly increasing the cost of all loyalty rewards, which isn't really fun for new viewers. This may defeat the purpose of 'Loyalty' but I personally like to have small costs on one or two silly rewards so anyone can use them!
  • Turning OFF the specific rewards that are being spammed during stream, which isn't streamer friendly if you have to stop what you're doing and pull up Loyalty settings to turn it off.


In my opinion, having a cooldown option per each Reward would be an excellent benefit to streamers who use this tool. With Streamlabs Chatbot we can have cooldowns on Sound FX commands to avoid spam, so why not Loyalty Rewards?

  • Dawaifu
  • May 17 2018
  • Luckydrops commented
    August 18, 2018 06:40

    YES PLEASE - or have a cooldown on a specific user rather than a alert