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Chat to speech

it would be useful because if someone is a small streamer and does not have the equipment to have chat on one monitor and the game on another they can't access chat very easily and i dont think theres a way to add alerts for chat. Plus, even if the streamer does have a second monitor or setup of some sort it still takes time to read- time that could be used in-game.


in case you're confused by chat to speech, i mean that there should be a computer generated voice that reads chat for the streamer instead of the streamer reading it manually

  • Guest
  • Apr 21 2017
  • RustyRoj commented
    21 Jul, 2018 10:58am

    I play racing games on stream and cant read the chat while racing. Everyone in the chat needs to wait till Ive finished a race before I can catch up.Chat to speech would allow me to interact live with comments in the chat.