Feature Suggestions

Display number of entries in Streamlabs giveaways in the Dashboard

Currently, you can only set up a giveaway and pull the trigger to pick a winner. There is no way of seeing who has entered, let alone how many. It would be a great addition to see at least how many have entered, if not who exactly has entered. 

This feature has been brought up before... https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/782kgb/how_do_streamlabs_giveaways_work/

...even getting a "streamlabs" dev comment saying it sounded "like a good idea of something we should add."

I really think adding this simple giveaway feature would go along way, as giveaways are already integrated into the streamlabs overlay and it is super easy to enter them now. The giveaway feature feels a little forgotten and underutilized. I like how you can set it up and just leave it to collect without any worry of it resetting. I would like to at least see a number of entries to help me pick the best time to end the giveaway and give out the prize.  

  • the_Retrosaur
  • May 23 2018