Feature Suggestions

Music Support

SUpport for the followign players
(not jsut stupid soundcloud and youtube which have alot of TROLL content with user created BS that shout profanitites on your stream)

but the following

1. spotify
2. amazon music
3. itunes
4. winamp

and a consistent miniplayer overlay that you can configure to ahve the following features on or off  that can be used in obs
(created a small window by the chatbot or the streamlabels app  that can be captured say 2-300 px by 1-200 px like some spotify tools out there

1. album art
2. song name
3. song title
4 progress bar
5 number of songs in playlist
6 number of songs in request queue
7 weather the current song is a request or playlist  
8 who requested the song

9 weather they used honor points or bits to request song

AS well the overlay should allow users to use honor or BITS to request songs. 

where BITS get put first and ordered by teh amount of bits donated

then honor  and then the default playlists added by the streamer

  • Bastol_TV
  • May 23 2018