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an ingame feature so chat boxes and alerts are in my game even if its fullscreen so you dont have to go out of the game

so you dont have to go out of the game

  • Guest
  • Apr 23 2017
  • Will not implement
  • WickedMist commented
    24 Jun, 2018 08:43am

    xSplit GameCaster has this feature. It's free.

    Open your game first. Then open GameCaster. (Doing so in this order makes it invisible on the stream but visible to you. This way it doesn't interfere with your actual alerts that appear). 
    Press CTRL + Tab to open the menu. you can set the opacity of everything as well.  You don't have to stream with this software just use it for the chat & alerts. however I don't believe it will show your donation alerts since it's not donated through twitch but through StreamLabs. It uses the Twitch api to capture: Chat, follower, subscribers, viewers & viewer count. You can also set your game & title as well.

  • Da_Caterpillar commented
    15 Jan, 2018 08:26pm

    I just realized it says will not implement

  • Da_Caterpillar commented
    15 Jan, 2018 08:25pm

    This is one problem I have as I only have one monitor and only want to use one app to see the chat while in fullscreen. I really hope it is implemented into streamlabs.

  • MarleyTheWizard commented
    15 Nov, 2017 05:45am

    Overwolf don't work with the game I'm playing and streaming and the mobile app don't alert me of subscribers or redeemed rewards

  • Bagerk Gaming commented
    3 Aug, 2017 11:35pm

    i use restream chat but if it was all in one place i wouldnt need to 

  • VikaStronomer commented
    1 Aug, 2017 12:31am

    get a second screen? .-.

  • TheEmptyTV commented
    25 Apr, 2017 06:42am

    But this one is already exists... not from Streamlabs, but Overwolf has this function working really well! You can also set an opacity of window with chat (what you seeing in game even at fullscreen) and if this window is has to be streaming or OBS should ignore this window. Try it out! 

    But of course i'd love to have this feature official from streamlabs