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Make the donations to credit cards not just paypal

Cause how that not have paypal can use the donations with my idea

  • Guest
  • Apr 24 2017
  • Already exists
  • Apr 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    You can already set this up under donation settings.

  • TinyGamez commented
    April 25, 2017 11:14

    There is this option already. Just go to your donation settings and see underneath the paypal option, there is a credit card option.

  • Scifijunk commented
    August 05, 2017 01:10

    I will agree that has already been set. I will however would say it would be nice to have a option to reset it.


    I say this because when I go to disconnect that setting it states the following:


    Disconnect Credit Card

    Are you sure you want to disconnect your Credit Card account? Once disconnected, you will not be able to receive tips and donations from your viewers through Credit Card.

    Note: After disconnecting, you will be able to reconnect with a different email.


    Now I don't know what it means by "After disconnecting, you will be able to reconnect with a different email" but when I reconnect it it just reconnects without asking for any information. This can be a problem if one changes banks or anything like that.

  • Jasper Marimon commented
    August 27, 2017 06:45

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  • jorfran tovar commented
    17 Apr 20:25