Feature Suggestions

Add the NerdOrDie Slot Machine alert & integrate wins to auto pay points to viewers.

Hi hi, just figured I would throw this out to ya. NerdOrDie has a great alert that will pop up an animated slot machine on the stream that can be activated by bits or donations. Right now when people win you have to manually add the points the viewers earn, but an integrated system that will auto pay would be amazing. Right now when ever anyone donates and activates it I have to make sure to see the outcome so I know how much to pay out. I can say this alert has doubled the amount I make on twitch per month. Sometimes I make more from this one alert than from the amount I make off of subs. People like having something more than just supporting and this little game is something they all enjoy. Here is a link directly to the slot machine https://nerdordie.com/resources/designs/jackpot-slot-machine-twitch-alert/ 

  • FealtyGaming
  • Jun 5 2018