Feature Suggestions

Add Manual Alerts

I would like to see custom alerts that can be triggered manually, such as confetti popping to celebrate a viewer's birthday. There could be a custom hotkey or something to trigger it, if possible.

  • TheCaptainNeckbeard
  • Apr 26 2017
  • MontaWorldPeace commented
    26 Dec, 2017 09:12am

    This is exactly the thing I'd most want to see. I'd love for streamlabs to tweak the function for Alerts to allow a sort of video equivalent of a soundboard for custom videos or animations. I can kind of do that by making the alerts for Raids or Donations completely unrelated to Raids or Donations and then hitting the Test buttons to trigger an animation like this:




    But it's a little bit ad hoc. Plus it kind of eliminates those functions as they're meant to be used. It'd be so much easier/appropriate/awesome if there was a built in function for this. Like, being able to name an "alert"  "Thank you" or "Hooray" and then hitting the corresponding button to make an animation and sound go.