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Credits roll automatically when selecting scene with them in

Many streamers, myself included, have an 'end screen' scene for when the stream is over. It would be amazing to have scenes that have the credits widget in to have an option to automatically roll the credits when that scene becomes the active scene.

Currently, you have to select your end scene, go to dashboard, click on credits options, click roll credits live, click back to your live tab to check it's working properly.

It would be a lot easier to just press your scene and done, as when else do you need to roll the credits? There isn't a time when I would like to go onto my end-screen and not roll credits, so automatically triggering the widget when the scene is selected would make a huge quality difference. 


Thanks for reading and considering this idea.

  • ShoppyGames
  • Jun 14 2018
  • MisterMorgue commented
    23 Sep 09:23pm

    This could be done via having another little radio toggle in the options of the credits as to whether or not you want them to auto-roll or if you'd rather have more control over when they roll by hitting the button - that way people can have whichever they like.

  • KatsPurr commented
    29 Apr 02:10pm

    I read on the tutorial video, SLOBs told us the reason they don't do that is to give the streamer the freedom to control when to start rolling them, if they want to first do a bit of a goodbye chat. However I do all that stuff on my normal stream scene, and only when I go quiet do I switch to my "goodbye" scene and having the credits start rolling automatically would be perfect for that.