Feature Suggestions

Minimum Bits Option for Event List

Some cheers are more exciting than others! Please allows us to set a minimum number of Bits cheered in order for it to show up on the Event List... Otherwise 1-Bit cheers can flood the list and push off other, more meaningful expressions of support.

  • Woody_CR
  • Apr 28 2017
  • ByucknahTheRed commented
    14 Sep, 2017 09:45am

    110% agree! Its not that I don't appreciate bit donations but when its 1 bit after 1 bit after 1 bit it kinda floods the event list.

    I think a fun option would be that, while that person is still on the event list, any further bit donations get added to the pre-existing notification. So if they are on the currently displayed list and they donate 1 bit five times it will update the text to say they donated 5 bits. Once they are no longer on the currently displayed list and then they donate again then it puts them on the list again with a fresh start. But as long as they are visible on the list additional donations just keep adding to their pre-existing pane.

    Cuts down on the spam and still gives gratification to viewers :D