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Compound Stream Labels: Custom Labels (SCROLLING IN MIND)

This idea should be fairly simple; the ability to make custom "Compound" labels using the already existing message templates.

Basically, the idea is to have an option to make a custom text file through Stream Labels, the same way you customize the already existing text files, where you would use "macro" tokens such as {Session_Subscriber_Count}, {All-time_Top_Donator}, {Donation_Train}, etc. 

An example would be:
      Message template: {Total_Subscriber_Count} - {Session_Subscriber_Count} - {Most_Recent_Subscriber}

      Result: 10,000 - 15 - Mr.Subscriber

This would allow people to make a text file they can use for scrolling and avoid adding too many elements to their streaming software.

  • Pink Tsubasa
  • Apr 29 2017
  • EBoB187 commented
    25 Mar, 2019 09:06am

    Great Idea... in the mean time, I'm looking for a work around.

  • RhysStorm commented
    18 Jul, 2017 07:50am

    I second the idea, but I would like to see it as a GUI implementation in Stream Labels. An initial simple implementation could be adding a single drop down item to the existing list say titled Custom. After selecting custom, there would be a list of check boxes or radial buttons for choosing which existing templates you would like compiled into a single .txt. That way edits can be made to each existing template by the user, instead of a potentially overwhelming edit to the single item, if the user wants to use more than a few templates. 

    Example, User has checked Recent Follower, Recent Viewer, All Time Top Cheer, and Session Top Cheer. Stream Labels would write to those files as it already does when it updates. Then in the next operation merge the chosen text files into the new.txt that is being used by OBS, X-split, etc.

    As it stands it wouldn't be too hard for me personally to write a looping batch script to do exactly that just using powershell, but it wouldn't be ideal or practical for the average user.

    Future additions to the feature could be:

    • The ability to name and create multiple custom files that use the existing templates.
    • Format what appears between the text merges, whether they are comma separated, space/tab separated, or a text box for whatever the user wants to appear between each item.
    • If custom templates of another sort are added it could be coded so that they automatically are added as radial/checkboxes

    TLDR: New custom.txt created by merging selected existing templates, merge operation happens immediately following the update operation. Initial implementation simply comma separated, or relies on user to edit the text of each template to account for merging text files.