Feature Suggestions

Merch store coupons/sales

Please give merch store owners (streamers) the opportunity to give our coupon codes or have sale weeks that they can promote. This will help generate more sales as it gives us a new opportunity to plug out store and give people incentive to buy while there is a promotion going on

  • PaperGirl
  • Jun 22 2018
  • DeadIntermediate commented
    September 22, 2019 13:07

    I hope this isn't dead. I would love to see this happen. I can already imagine if I decide to have a sale, I would to have to change all of the prices of all of the items manually. That would suck, and then changing it back when it's not on sale. Blehhh.

  • TheTrueMac commented
    February 15, 2019 09:50

    Is this still not a thing? It has a lot of votes and has been around for a while.

  • HyruleGirl9 commented
    June 28, 2018 19:51

    On top of this, it would be nice to create an editable loyalty coupon option so that the viewers can turn in loyalty points for a percentage off