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Hats in the merch store!

Getting a ton of requests for Hats / Beanies to be sold in the merch store! 

  • ToastFPS
  • Jun 22 2018
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  • RiparooLive commented
    7 Nov, 2018 04:40am

    I would really like to see beanies, I personally would love to be able to rock my own beanie.

  • zedgehog commented
    3 Nov, 2018 05:06am

    I recently added 18 products to my streamlabs merch store (including hoodies and sweatshirts, various short and long sleeve unisex and women's shirts and tank tops, socks, swimwear, towel, pillow, mug and backpack), a good selection of merch for my fans to select from, but in only a few days of it all available for purchase, there's one question that's been asked at least a dozen times already, "Where are the hats? I'd totally get a baseball cap and/or beanie in a heartbeat if you had them!"

    It would be fantastic if we had these available to add as products, preferably with at least black and white for the colour options, they'd be a big seller for sure.

  • Slackers_Undercover commented
    21 Oct, 2018 09:38am

    I'm longwinded, forgive me.
    If you're looking at it from an advertisement stand point, the frequency of a hat being worn over a garment seems like a profitable investment, increased representation fundamentally advantageous to both brand & supplier. A hat you can wear a week straight. A shirt.. not so much. If you're utilizing a face cam as a streamer, wearing your own branded headwear can be a testament to it's quality. It's a product that YOU willfully consume as well as endorse. Personally, I'm wary of anyone who tries to sell me anything without using it for themselves. Hats and beanies are one-size-fits-most items, and frankly, would be fantastic items to gift for Christmas or giveaways. There's no real size requirements or charts required other than youth or regular. As long as that part is confirmed, you can be pretty certain it'll fit whoever it gets to. 

    TLDR: Hats/beanies awesome. Rep your brand. Rep your quality. Keep ears toasty. 

  • Atrix_ commented
    2 Aug, 2018 12:27am

    Agreed. Please add hats!

  • iRaidenn commented
    9 Jul, 2018 09:58am


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