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Be able to change the url of the donation site

  • RidersGaming
  • Apr 29 2017
  • Jason Ortiz commented
    14 Nov 08:47pm

    Really SLOBS? You make nothing easy, navigating the details and certain things about setuo are hard to find and a straight up bitch to resolve on one's own. And THIS? What is the point of custom this and custom that to personalize and mask/hide things that are unecessary to show, except my damn name in the donation link?!?!?! It does not make any sense, it reflects you guys are not all together and money hogging is above customer service. You want brabd loyalty? Handle this minor issue for the mass relief of your customers and quit letting it drag on for christ sakes!

  • ADHDEverything commented
    13 Nov 03:39pm

    The donation site AND the merch store, actually.I would prefer my store to be under my branded name, not my real name.

  • MediocreKnights commented
    5 Nov 07:27am

    I suggest that we all move to a different platform. This is not oaky. They'll listen then...

  • MediocreKnights commented
    5 Nov 07:19am

    Yep. This is horrible. Checking out stream elements now. Thanks for losing yet another customer.

  • mi3go commented
    2 Oct 05:09am
  • f_a_r_r commented
    11 Sep 01:34am

    I agree, we need to change this

  • isma24 commented
    21 Aug 03:52pm

    Streamlabs OBS have to put this option

  • isma24 commented
    21 Aug 03:51pm


  • theCrimelord commented
    20 Aug 10:58am

    My current link that's created by Streamlabs is way too unprofessional because someone who has my username as his tip url but his channel is not at all named after my username.

    This makes StreamElements the only option for me to go for right now.

  • Lamia_VIII commented
    21 Jul 01:32pm
    We all need to change this link and why we can't???? This must be in the base settings !!!! I can't do my job because of you.
  • Eminso commented
    21 Jul 07:30am

    pls do this it would help evryone out

  • Agt Cruz commented
    26 Jun 06:04pm

    This has been a petition for soooooo loooooong. Why cant this be solved?

  • r1ksa1 commented
    23 Jun 06:27pm


  • FactotemBand commented
    14 Jun 10:59pm

    Would very much appreciate this feature!

  • Brittani Jackson commented
    13 May 04:11am

    e thisPLEASE change this... PLEASE

  • miki_friki commented
    11 May 05:15pm

    Pls do it i need this steting :(

  • Lucas Fernandes commented
    11 May 05:57am

    plz add this feature

  • sBoomPlays commented
    10 May 05:21pm


  • NetherG4mer commented
    5 May 09:58am

    Mudei meu nick na twitch porem o link de donate esta com o nick antigo

  • Frisket commented
    4 May 07:42pm

    I wonder what makes this such a technological hurdle?

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