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Delete recent event, prevent from being shown in Recent Follower/etc.

On the StreamLabs dashboard, a gear icon would be shown where the refresh icon currently shows. From that icon, the user could select to Delete the event. Above the event list would be a button to toggle seeing deleted events.


I recently had a few spats with offensive names on Twitch. I received a follow, which then showed up on my Latest Follower label on my SLOBS overlay, and I had trouble finding a quick, easy way to remedy it.  I resolved it by having a friend unfollow and refollow.


A few days later, a similar event happened, this time as a donation using my StreamLabs link. I know donations have a separate area from regular events, so I checked there, and lo!  A feature, as I described at the start of this suggestion, was present, working exactly like I wanted it to.  My request is generated today based on that discovery.


Similar issues like this have been posted, but all seem quite old, so I thought it might be worth a refreshed submission and description. In theory, the feature could be grafted from the donations section into the event list section, but I'm no expert on coding things!

  • Kmartinator
  • Jul 3 2018
  • Aramanser commented
    11 Jan 05:41pm

    pls add this!

  • SirenHellVixen commented
    11 Jan 12:10pm

    This would be really helpful!

    Almost 3 years and this hasn't been implemented and it would be really helpful.

  • nIronwolf commented
    11 May, 2020 02:48am

    Yep, this is still a thing.