Feature Suggestions

Customise the color of The Jar

It would be good if it were possible to add a color tint of the streamer's choice to The Jar. I think it would be useful because some channels have their own signature color that could be used on The Jar too.

  • Milesenberg
  • May 1 2017
  • SOWHOYOUdotCOM commented
    22 May, 2017 06:00am

    @wolvalk That would also tint the bits and stuff as well and that would look bad.

  • Wolvalk commented
    9 May, 2017 02:00am

    You can actually change the color of the tip jar via filters in OBS Studios. 

  • Crowboat commented
    1 May, 2017 11:16pm

    I think this would be great, or the ability to use custom images for the jar would also be awesome!