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Donation Goal - Auto refresh / reset

some streamer like you set a Daily Donation Goal.
Like 30$ a day. It would be cool to be able to configurate a donation goal like this.


Choose your time zone: DROPBOX with time zones
[ X ] Reset Daily
[    ] Reset weekly
[    ] Reset Montly
[    ] Keep up until goal reached (no running out of time)
Specific date goal [ enter date  ]

Something similar like that.
So you can create like 30$ goal, select your time zone and enable "Reset Daily".
So it will always reset every day.

Hope I explained it well enough.

  • Dedra-SC
  • May 2 2017
  • Kanette_ commented
    6 Oct, 2017 02:42pm

    We need that ! Already exist in TipeeeStream for example