Feature Suggestions

Support for multiple event lists (one for followers, one for donations/tips)

Apologies if this already exists, but I haven't found a way to add multiple event lists as there is only one URL. I wanted to have an event list for followers, and a separate event list for larger contributions, ex: donations, tips, hosts, etc.

  • iConnorN
  • May 2 2017
  • FabianProject commented
    12 Jan 12:34pm

    gimme this .. also you should be able to duplicate anything else and change whatever it is individually too!

  • Precise_Gaming_1300 commented
    21 Oct, 2020 08:39pm

    Yes, we need this, I would like to add a supporter only event and add a donation/star’s event as well. Also, when I types this down, I couldn’t even see the letters lol. Did anyone else have this issue.

  • ArecArws commented
    26 Jul, 2018 10:31am

    Id like this also. On my overlay, I only have 1 event pop up at a time. Just to reduce clutter. It be nice to be able to make a secondary or tertiary event list separate for different events.

  • Jimieo commented
    18 Jul, 2017 04:38am

    I also like the idea of having a few different lists. Depending on the game that is being streamed the event list may need to be relocated on the stream and depending how people have it setup, it may look better in another corner if it's axis are flipped.