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Hats and mouse pads

Add hats that come in different colors and style like a baseball hat. 

  • Fire Lord
  • Jul 12 2018
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  • ShovelMasterTV commented
    17 Jul, 2019 01:56pm

    Mouse pads seam like a must. A few of my viewers have even asked me if would make them 

  • Marshmallow God commented
    12 Jan, 2019 04:27am

    they need to add beanies

  • HELLFLYER88 commented
    16 Nov, 2018 05:16am

    Hats are a big sealer for any one please add this soon.

  • TankHo commented
    9 Nov, 2018 07:29pm

    Definitely would love to see Mouse pads (soft & hard) and some custom snap backs (maybe embroidered?)!!

  • LtMackAttack commented
    5 Nov, 2018 07:59am

    These items are very much needed in any streamers merch store

  • zedgehog commented
    3 Nov, 2018 05:07am

    I recently added 18 products to my streamlabs merch store (including hoodies and sweatshirts, various short and long sleeve unisex and women's shirts and tank tops, socks, swimwear, towel, pillow, mug and backpack), a good selection of merch for my fans to select from, but in only a few days of it all available for purchase, there's one question that's been asked at least a dozen times already, "Where are the hats? I'd totally get a baseball cap and/or beanie in a heartbeat if you had them!"

    It would be fantastic if we had these available to add as products, preferably with at least black and white for the colour options, they'd be a big seller for sure.

  • Slackers_Undercover commented
    21 Oct, 2018 09:47am

    Hmm. I do love the idea of hats (particularly beanies, my odd shaped head makes wearing baseball styles awkward) but mouse pads...truly hadn't thought of that, but it's a fantastic idea, you may be onto something. Light weight, easy to hand out at events or give to friends. Can't imagine their price point being too high either. Custom, widely used, and practical. (Much more practical than a throw pillow, let's be honest.) I dig it. 

  • D4rksidertv commented
    17 Sep, 2018 02:14am

    YES. PLEASE. Why we dont have a range of hats/snapbacks available yet is so strange. Streamlabs is such an easy place to use. would love this addition!

  • DgtlOne commented
    13 Sep, 2018 07:15pm

    I agree totally hats and mouse pads should have been in day one. 

  • LvL_CJ commented
    2 Aug, 2018 06:20am

    I think they would be very cool especially mousepads. That means that you can have your very own custom mouse pad

  • FATALENIGMA commented
    15 Jul, 2018 11:46am

    These should be a staple in the merch offerings

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