Feature Suggestions

Donation Method

I am a streamer who is familiar with Korean and English twitch streams. I have noticed on Korean streams, you can donate "YOUTUBE LINKS" or "TWITCH CLIPS" as a part of highlights to the donation. Ex., you donate money with a link to a twitch clip and it will play with the alarm of your donation.

I was wondering if streamlabs is willing to get this feature installed.


Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPBcW5TSJ7k&t=73s


If you watch, the video contains donations done by others who attach twitch clips or youtube links.

Not only that, you can record your own voice to attach to a part of your donation.

Please look into this feature. This has a SOLID market. It enhances the interaction between the viewer and streamer where the viewers can actively participate as a part of the stream, which in turn causes viewers to be more interested in donations, therefore more revenues.

  • 조이린
  • Jul 15 2018