Feature Suggestions

Export scenes/collection to OBS

Ability to export scene collection as JSON in order to import in OBS would be great for having a backup plan in case SLOBS crashes, or even to run tests.

  • jeanclaudeskywalker
  • Jul 15 2018
  • antismal commented
    28 Dec, 2019 04:52pm

    Seriously?? Over a year later and this still doesn't exist.... Do we have to write an entire new app to do things that are so unbelievably obvious to people who USE the software... SMH

  • Ztaal3 commented
    2 Oct, 2019 08:07am

    THIS, right here would be really nice now, seeing as SLOBS is suddenly just crashing and disappearing from my pc while streaming, and would like to try OBS and see if that works... 

  • PageBlast commented
    16 Sep, 2019 05:27am

    Even just to use the scene collection for another account or share a custom scene collection with another user. Right now, another user ( once logged in) cannot have the same scene collections and has to rebuild the WHOLE THING from scratch, yes I yelled then, It is either a terrible oversight or a cynical method to keep people on board, either  leaves me cold and distrusting but moreover, incredibly inconvenienced to the point of seriously thinking about rejecting the whole streamlabs proposition....  Frowny Face.

  • TeldorinSt4tic commented
    11 Sep, 2019 10:19am

    I need to use both OBS studio and Streamlabds OBS but I can't because I can't export my scenes from Slobs to OBS studio. Looks like a shit way to keep people using your program rather than going back and forth. I can't import the json file from \AppData\Roaming\slobs-client\SceneCollections to OBS Studio and that doesn't make much sense that you would've changed the way these files are written just to have it work with your software. What the hell....

  • themrleafs commented
    11 Jun, 2019 11:58pm

    I need this too please, I cant use slobs because of CPU usage need to go back to obs 

  • ADuckWithQuackProblems commented
    10 Mar, 2019 07:52am

    Now that SLOBS is broken for so many users, it would be nice to have a backup of all of one's scenes, so we could use OBS (Studio) until the issues are fixed.

  • sam_the_ludite commented
    16 Dec, 2018 07:55pm

    I second CamscamPlays;  SLOBS is a slob with CPU resources.  The chatbot does not work.  Streamlabels doesnt update unless your are streaming so any follows you get when not streaming even with slobs running, are missed.  Its sad that you've skinned an already good application and then removed the users ability to revert back.

  • CamscamOW commented
    19 Nov, 2018 06:44am

    Actually really need this. Streamlabs OBS is great but I need to get back to OBS (which I deleted all my user date for) so I can stream at high quality and not have my cpu overloaded.