Feature Suggestions

Create a universal blacklist of banned viewers within Streamlabs ("The Badlands")

As Streamlabs grows with more widgets and applications, having the ability to immediately filter from a universal list of banned users with a checkbox would be very helpful. For example, Chat Box's Muted Chatters will be from the same list as Banned Donors. Also, it can be possible for streamers to write their own policies for getting users out of The Badlands (maybe by describing a donation/apology procedure, or giving a link to talk to a mod, or explaining that their strictly banned forever). 

  • XagonogaX
  • May 5 2017
  • househipster commented
    14 Apr, 2020 09:12am

    Has this been implemented yet? I'd be surprised if it hasn't already, buut i gotta know

  • flamesoff_ru commented
    1 Dec, 2018 11:29pm

    I support this idea.
    It's so simple to implement: just scan chat command "/ban" and add according username to the list. I wonder why so important and required feature it's not implemented yet?