Feature Suggestions

Incremental Subscription Goals (And Subscription Goals in General!)

This would be an extremely useful tool for smaller streamers who benefit from viewers seeing sub goals.

The way it'd work is you would set an increment amount. Say 5. So if you select five, the goal would appear like this:


0/5 Subscriptions


Gain 5 subscribers, and it meets the goal, raises by the increment and now shows this:


5/10 Subscriptions.


If you already had a decent sized following you could raise it even higher, say 25 incrementally. IE:


100/125 Subscribers

125/150 Subscribers

150/175 Subscribers


You could even add options for Daily/Monthly/Session sub goals and allow for the incremental increase.

Foundationally it'd at least be nice to have a supported subscription goal bar, something you could set and change on your own at least.

  • LoopyGoopyG
  • Jul 18 2018