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Allow Streamers to get one of their merch products for FREE every few months

A cool idea I think would be cool for streamers is the ability to order free merch from their store one time every few months. This would allow smaller streamers who don't have much money, like myself, to better promote their merchandise while on stream. Now don't freak out just yet, hear me out. What if streamers who have their own merch store were given ONE code every few months (for the sake of conversation we'll say every 3 months) and that code will allow them to order any product from their shop, free of charge. If a streamer decided not to use his/her code, then they would not get another one until 3 months after they finally use the one they have. Make sense?

     Like I said, this would help smaller streamers, like me, better promote their merchandise while streaming. If a streamer my size tells his/her viewers to check out their merch store, chances are, they won't. However, if the streamer is wearing a T-Shirt or is drinking out of a mug that he/she is selling on his/her shop, then viewers are more inclined to check the store out because they are able to see a glimpse of the kind of products the streamer is selling. It's just common sense. 


I apologize if this was a little difficult to understand. I'm not very good at explaining things via text. I'm usually better at explaining things in person as I can give visual demonstrations of what I'm talking about. Anyway, let me know what you all think about this idea. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Oh, and also big shout-out to StreamLabs for allowing smaller streamers to have their own merch store. Even if this idea doesn't make it, it's still really cool that they're allowing streamers like me to partake in selling merchandise. I'm gonna be eternally grateful!

  • RealBluee
  • Jul 19 2018
  • jenzelta commented
    4 Jul, 2019 09:03am



    Maybe if you are a super popular streamer with plenty of viewers but otherwise pay for the damn merch. Almost everything else on Streamlabs is free.

  • PxbloLive commented
    11 Sep, 2018 09:31am

    I like this thought but I don’t think Streamlabs would be able to pay for that it’ll be good getting free Merch something like ever 3-4 months so we can either give them away to get your Merch out there more gain more supports for us as the players and we gotta help streamlabs get bigger as a company 

  • DemonLied629 commented
    13 Aug, 2018 04:09pm

    As streamlabs offers most, if not all, of their services for free, I think a move like this would cause them to sink, unless they pull some amazing deal, I don't think this will be possible.