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External Camera and Mic App Support (DETAILED)

So, I have seen some requests on here regarding these ideas already but I wanted to go into a little more detail.


As of now it is already 100% POSSIBLE to stream from my mobile phone with my GoPro camera and using an external lavalier mic.

...Just not with StreamLabs.


Currently, I use a OnePlus 5 phone with a USB C to USB adapter plugged into the Elgato Cam Link to capture the video then to a HDMI to Micro HDMI to my GoPro Hero 6. Then I have a Lavalier mic with a windscreen plugged directly into my phones 3.5mm with a 3.5mm audio mic adapter.

*** I also use this exact setup with my DSLR camera with a gimbal as well. This will work with any camera with hdmi live view capability. ***


This all works flawlessly when streaming with CameraFi Live App to twitch/youtube/facebook! CameraFi Live lets me use the different cam and mic inputs to stream from. I was extremely surprised that Streamlabs does not support this option yet.


PLEASE add this option, It would change the game for streamers tremendously! There are already a lot of streamers I know of who use CameraFi Live over Streamlabs JUST because of this. If this was added to streamlabs, SO many streamers would make the move to streamlabs for sure!



  • D2Vital
  • Jul 27 2018
  • DMSynther commented
    3 Sep 09:05pm

    Please add external webcam support! I do not want to have to use CameraFi!

  • JayC commented
    11 Nov, 2019 10:54am

    Still not implemented?

  • Soybomberr commented
    26 Aug, 2019 06:22pm

    its been a year, has this been implemented? i really want to IRL while riding my bike with a gopro mounted to my helmet, so my chat can see what im looking at when im talking....

  • CENTERFRIENDS commented
    30 Jul, 2019 02:50pm

    Developers, we really need it!

  • PeanutButterMouthWash commented
    16 May, 2019 07:46pm

    Yes i agree to this very much, Please make this happen streamlabs.