Feature Suggestions

"Loyalty Rewards & Rank" MUST be for actual "VIEWERS" GREAT idea but BROKEN

PLEASE integrate the currency system with the VIEWER count. why should we give or have a CURRENCY REWARDS system when Twitch inspector is not even counting the follower as a actual VIEW? It makes the entire system basically broken because they just exploit that. When you are getting 5 views for support in the directories with 12 people lurking it helps NOTHING on the streamers end but the "Follower" sure does know and expect rank and currency? PLEASE FIX THIS? Doesnt seem like it should be a hard patch to work in so only those actually countins as a VIEW are earning currency and truly deserving of any "loyalty rewards" I appreciate all my supporters but those taking advantage of this broken system actually are not helping me at all

  • Headsnap_TV
  • Jul 27 2018