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Closed Captions

OBS already has an experimental version of audio closed captions, I would like to see this put into the stream labs version.   

  • Oberlinx
  • Aug 2 2018
  • Grey_Wolves_Gaming commented
    September 03, 2018 14:22

    Currently, some friends of mine and myself use https://webcaptioner.com/captioner as a method of closed captioning. Though it would be really nice if there was a built-in feature to handle this.

  • SaltySpouses commented
    September 04, 2018 20:25

    This would be absolutely fantastic!  I'm part of the same community Grey Wolves is in and there are a lot of us trying to make Twitch more accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.  So far it's been a great start and webcaptioner is fantastic, but it would be so much easier if it was added as part of slobs!  

  • SilkyC commented
    November 20, 2018 03:43

    Can someone give me some guidance on how to use it in SLOBS? I cant seem to get it to show up in my OBS no matter what kind of source i try. No luck finding anything via google.  Thanks!!!

  • Daenifae commented
    07 Mar 02:45

    I too would love this, and have not been able to get webcaptioner working in SLOBS either. Not sure if it is an issue with SLOBS or what is going on!

  • DiceBard commented
    21 Apr 03:20

    People have provided various options like WebCaptioner and other tools but that isn't web standards compliant. Using official methods of closed captioning allows for those with the impairments (or anyone else for that matter) to set their own fonts and colours and work with their own needs. I'm not saying Web Captioner isn't a good tool... it just is an ad-hoc solution to something standards already have a solution for.

  • Slimberton commented
    06 Jul 05:33

    Web captioner is OPEN caption. Not closed caption. This burns the text into the stream making it impossible to move, resize, or change colors. While open caption is viable, it is far from being professionally done if without closed captions. It should be so easy to do with all the web APIs (web captioner) it's very unfortunate we're still without a better option than hiring a professional human closed captioner for this. (unless you want to settle for Microsoft speech recognition in obs, which can't understand you after 57 hours of training)