Feature Suggestions

Integrate both Youtube and Twitch Server platforms together instead of keeping them seperate, and signed in seperately.

This will benefit not just low end new streamers but even some of the most popular streamers with the most views and watch time. In doing so this may create more of an awareness of the Stream-labs platform to those that have never heard of it. The idea is not to have to log into Stream-labs for just twitch or just YouTube but allow both to be integrated at once.

Not only will this be user friendly to those that do not have super computers, but will also make it easier on the desktop application provide the application is also tweaked to perform in the same manner allowing the use of both twitch and YouTube alerts at once for example.

Doing so for the desktop application especially grants less of a strain on the CPU for the client-side. If tested having to open Stream labs desktop first for twitch then opening the file location again to have two open now. The second one gets logged out and then logged back into for YouTube instead of twitch. Now I am using the same desktop application for both YouTube and twitch yet for twice the strain.

Doing this sort of tweak is a bonus for all streamers not just top tier computer users. Take into consideration that we will have streamers using multiple platforms in order to show the game the stream or even make a game review for anyone to observe. Lets' say you are streaming and you are one of those streamers that do very well on one platform versus another. 

This small change could possible improve those odds. Let's say some of your fans of YouTube gaming may not know about stream labs and they probably don't. That also has a lot to do with the overlay used so that others would know how its being done.

The question is How would you time the alerts to be separated on screen from different platforms. I feel that marrying both Twitch and YouTube alerts together may just fix that timing issue. Because that would be the concern right. What if I am getting alerts from both Twitch, YouTube and other platforms at the same time and how would I be able to keep the stream turning into a donation chaos?  Hopefully such an integration may have that curiosity already solved. I think it would since you are able to program your alerts to have certain time delays already.

  • Wolvalk
  • May 9 2017