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Profiles to swap Base Canvas resolutions for PC/Console/IRL streamers

The regular OBS has this feature and it's something I used many times a day. A lot of people use monitors with different resolutions and don't want to upscale/downscale elements if they don't have to. For instance I use a 1440p monitor and when I stream PC games I keep that base canvas at 1440p and downscale to 1080p or 720p in the output/video settings for the stream itself. This is fine until I try to stream a console game, as it forces me to either change my base canvas resolution from 1440p to 1080p or 720p, OR upscale the video feed coming from the console to 1440p. Then of course I still have to scale it for my output settings so it would be a real shame to upscale, then downscale something if I could avoid it. This is all possible in the standard OBS so I can't figure out why it wouldn't be in SLOBS and why it wasn't something that was carried over initially.

  • BaldAndBearded
  • Aug 9 2018
  • LUCiD commented
    August 09, 2018 23:14

    YES please god make this happen.

  • joltzcrewvegeta commented
    August 09, 2018 23:36

    Let's make it happen!

  • beefycerberus commented
    01 Jan 23:49

    As a streamer who uses an ultra-wide monitor, this needs to become a feature.